Orange County Convention Center Food Service Renovations

In the spirit of the previous Hall C Dining Lounge renovation, the Convention Center looked to further enhance their existing dining venues at the West Concourse.  The scope of this project encompassed a full renovation and upgrade of both the food court and kitchen areas at Halls A, B, C, & E/F.  The Design Team was tasked with transforming these existing dining areas into upscale and contemporary gathering spaces, giving convention-goers a world-class dining experience.

Both food courts at Halls A and B, now re-branded as the “Key Lime Café” and “Blue Sky Café” respectively, hold a consistent common thread of materiality similar to the renovated Hall C Dining Lounge, but simultaneously have their own distinctive character, playing off of different geometries, color schemes, & architectural styles.  Both spaces use a simple, limited palette of light field colors with a combination of rich warm woods and colorfully painted and tiled accents.  The Key Lime Café offers a dynamic, energized experience, employing sleek angular accented wood walls and ceilings, along with meandering floor pattern finishes and pendant lighting.  The Blue Sky Café expresses simple clean lines in its form, from its modern wood and tiled walls, to its linear lighting scheme.  Its calming and distinctly unique undulating wood panel “wave ceiling” defines the central dining and coffee bar areas.

The serving areas of each Café’ have their own respective character, with their signature color tile accents (green & blue) and digital menu boards framing each food station opening, allowing the kitchen to become an extension of the main dining areas.  A combination of tables, booths, high tables and counters are available for a multitude and flexibility of seating options.  A coffee bar serves each Café, offering additional food and beverage options accompanied with its own array of seating areas.

  • Project type
  • Budget
    $11 Million
  • Size
    22,828 SQ FT
  • Status