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December 2006
In this issue of Full Circle, we’ll explore the importance of sustainable architecture and renewable energy sources as weapons in the fight against global warming.


For more than 22 years, C.T. Hsu + Associates has dedicated itself to enhancing the quality of life in Central Florida through exceptionally built environments and volunteer involvement in civic, cultural and community organizations. The collective fruits of our labor culminated this year in numerous awards and recognitions that have left us astonished and humbled. As the year draws to a close, we’d like to celebrate some of our many milestones from 2006 with you.
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Wind Mills Are Among The Renewable Energy Sources Showing Promise for the Future

Far from tilting at windmills, former Vice President Al Gore is leading a worldwide debate on the importance of developing renewable energy alternatives to petroleum and natural gas, the leading producers of carbon dioxide and other gases that have resulted in a serious global warming phenomenon. With the debate now focused on what Mr. Gore has described as necessary “emergency solutions in order to avoid… catastrophic damage,” the American Institute of Architects has vigorously responded.
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Renewable Energy
Campus Features Central Florida’s First High School Pedestrian Bridge

The 900+ students of Mount Dora High School in Lake County started the school year in new surroundings designed by C.T. Hsu + Associates. The firm’s design merged two campuses across North Highland Street, linking them by the first-of-its-kind high school pedestrian bridge in Central Florida.
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Mount Dora High School
Photo Courtesy of Ajax Building Corporation
Diana V. Faustmann, Marketing Manager

Diana Faustmann has a talent for creating attractive, informative and effectively persuasive documents. Her ability to make each look, speak and animate appropriately when printed, faxed or projected makes her an indispensable member of the CTH+A team.  
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  • Senior Project Manager Hector L. Torres, AIA has been appointed to National Institute of Building Sciences’ Building Information Model (BIM) Standard Project Committee. 
  • Karen Casteel has joined the firm as assistant to president / office manager. 
  • C.T. Hsu + Associates has been named one of the nation’s fastest-growing architecture, engineering, and environmental consulting firms for 2006.
  • Richard L. Mullis has joined CTH+A as a project manager.

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