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August 2006

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  • The Florida legislature has approved a measure that authorizes the Board of Architecture and Interior Design to adopt rules for responsible supervising control which it defines as the “exercise of direct personal supervision and control throughout the preparation of documents, instruments of service, or any other work requiring the seal and signature of a licensee under this part.” The bill now goes to Gov. Jeb Bush for his signature. “It is not unusual for design changes to occur during the construction phase,” said CTH+A President C. T. Hsu. “It is in the best interest of the client and everyone involved in the design-build process for the architect to stay actively involved during construction to help resolve problems and minimize the consequences of any design changes.”
    (Source: The AIA Angle. June 15, 2006.)
  • The U.S. Conference of Mayors has adopted a resolution for the immediate energy reduction of all new and renovated buildings to half the national average for that building type with increased reductions of 10 percent every five years. Buildings and their embedded interior energy inside account for an estimated 48 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions compared to 27 percent for transportation and 25 percent for industry. “As architects, we recognize our crucial role in designing a more energy efficient built environment that will pay dividends for decades to come,” remarked AIA President Kate Schwennsen, FAIA.
    (Source: The AIA Angle, June 15, 2006.)
  • The Board of Architecture and Interior Design has approved rules on the electronic sealing and signing of plans by an architect using Professional's Electronic Data Delivery System (PEDDS) software. The language of the rule will be adopted and effective on April 23, 2006. Information on how to download and use this information can be found at:
    (Source: AIA Florida Friday Facts. April 14, 2006)

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