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April 2005


Nathan Butler, AIA

Employee Profile
Nathan Butler, AIA, Senior Associate

A native of Fort Walton Beach, Fla., Nathan Butler earned his Bachelor of Design degree from the University of Florida in 1992 and a Master of Architecture degree from Virginia Tech in 1995. He joined the firm in 2000.

Nathan entered college with an interest in archaeology. However, lacking an aptitude for chemistry plus family concerns that he would struggle to make a living in some remote part of the world led him to a different course of study. "I always enjoyed designing, drawing and making things, so the architecture curriculum appealed to me," Nathan explained.

"Nathan is a talented young architect with a superior work ethic and extraordinary community-mindedness who has earned the distinction of being the youngest associate in the history of the firm to consistently make positive contributions to our operations and projects, including award-winning architectural endeavors," according to CTHA Principal Tim McNicholas.

Clermont City Hall

One example of Nathan's award-winning work is the design of the new Clermont City Hall for which he served as the Senior Project Architect. Clermont's previous city hall was located in an old bank building some distance from the downtown core. It lacked council chambers, so public meetings took place at the police station or in auditorium space downtown.

The new facility places all of the City's programs under one roof in the center of downtown Clermont. It provides efficient means of communication and interaction between departments, and room for expansion as the city continues to grow.

Clermont City Hall

The site for the new city hall presented an unusual challenge for Nathan and the firm. Clermont officials wanted entrance points on all sides of the building; normally not an unusual design feature. "Clermont's topography is more dramatic than Orlando's, and the city hall site had a significant slope to it," according to Nathan. "This simple client request became a challenging test for a Florida architect who is used to working with relatively flat sites."

Nathan also enjoyed the experience of working with a client group. "Typically, we have one primary client contact, but for Clermont City Hall, we worked with City Manager Wayne Saunders along with several other city staff members," Nathan explained. "The group dynamic provided excellent opportunities to gain insight from the various departments and resulted in a building design that functions well for all levels of the City's government."

Nathan serves on the board of directors for the Central Florida Builder's Exchange and is a past president of the American Institute of Architects, Orlando Chapter. Earlier this year, he received the chapter's Young Architect's Forum Achievement Award, given annually to a young architect who consistently demonstrates excellence and exceptional promise.

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